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Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

  • Bun-in-oven mommas make us love the Big Apple
New York 's annual "Reasons to Love New York" just hit newsstands, and we couldn't help but swoon over reason #40 : Because Our Pregnant Women Kick Ass. Between trudging up Subway steps and lugging groceries 12 block home, we couldn't agree more. pregnant
  • Twittering tots
A New York University grad student just created a belt which, when worn during pregnancy, notifies both parents via text message every time the unborn baby kicks. The Daily News article notes that it could have many uses, like making mom and dad aware of decreased movement, which could be a sign of fetal distress. With everyone as virtually connected as they are, does this seem smart or silly?
  • Two too old?
The Post took Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford to task for continuing to breastfeed her two-year-old (with the headline of "Udderly Icky," no less). Commentors jumped to her defense, asserting that she's merely a "smart, tuned-in" mom. What's your take?
  • Peeved by potties
Public restrooms in New York are, um, less than sanitary for the most part. That's why SitorSquat.com has rated bathrooms all over Gotham with a map and—get this— pictures of the toilets in question. Even better: The geniuses over at Apple have created an application for your iPhone so you can check out the potty sitch before you send Junior in to do his business.
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