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Parenting Poop: What Big Apple Moms and Dads Are Buzzing About

  • We never thought we’d find ourselves empathizing with Ashlee Simpson, but here we are. The pregnant pop princess has been ready to burst for weeks and has tried various methods to spark labor (hubby Pete Wentz must have enjoyed those extra sex sessions!). Now her sis Jessica says Ashlee may have to induce labor. Bet she won’t have to lip-synch her screams.

  • Have you been following the Motrin mania? No? See the video below, featuring a voiceover from an exhausted mom complaining about aches and pains from carrying her baby around in a sling. (Has she never heard of strollers?) Mommy bloggers weren’t having it, and after a backlash the ad’s been pulled and an apology’s been issued. (Mad moms even made their own nine-minute video in response to the ad!) The suits at Motrin must be downing a lot of their own product these days. 

  • Companies that promise to protect minors from Internet predators via age verification software are exposing kids to a much bigger threat: targeted online marketing. Isn’t capitalism wonderful? 

  • At times, we all wonder whether we’re raising little monsters. No matter how many tantrums your kids throw, be thankful they’re not the eight-year-old Arizona boy accused of murdering his father and another man. Whatever actually happened that night, the suspect is eerily calm while being interrogated by police.


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