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  • You can keep your ovaries, thanks
These days, it's not surprising to see stuffed animals that aren't typical teddy bears. From pee and poo dolls to--we kid you not-- huggable viruses (our fave is the Ebola ), plush playthings come in the strangest shapes. While we understand the value of the aforementioned dolls as teaching tools for little ones (after all, you have to come in contact with urine, feces and bacteria), we a little freaked out by the uterus plush . Turns out the doll's just been recalled , since its detachable ovaries may be a choking hazard. Let's just say we won't be horribly upset if they never make it back on the market.
  • Counter product-ive
In February, new laws are set to go into effect that force stores that sell products to kids 12 to test all items, even clothing, for lead and phthalates, chemicals used to make plastics more pliable. The problem: Since the responsibility rests on the stores instead of the manufacturers, the mandate could put tons of mom-and-pop shops out of business due to the high cost of testing.
  • Harlow turns 1!
Doesn't it seem like yesterday that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie's baby girl was born? Oh, how time flies. Take a glimpse into her fabulous first year of life.
  • Comfort in the cold
After the holidays, winter is no longer full of cheer and excitement--just blistering cold. Luckily, the ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Bag is essentially a blanket little babes can wear--perfect for those freezing January nights.
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