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Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

  • Berry dangerous?
Holly and its bright red berries may look pretty adorning your house during the holidays, but there's long been chatter about the plant's toxic nature. According to the Times , while it can be deadly when consumed in large quantities, only a few icky side effects (vomiting, diarrhea) will occur if a small amount is accidentally ingested. One less thing to worry about as you scramble to make Christmas dinner, wrap all the presents...
  • DreamWorks is Blob-tastic
A new trailer for the upcoming Monsters vs. Aliens (due in March) has gone viral, and from what we can tell it's going to be another awesome adventure from those masterminds over at DreamWorks. The hilarious Seth Rogen plays Bob (the blob) and Reese Witherspoon is a bride-turned-monster, taken in by a government compound when she's hit by a meteor. It may not be Monsters, Inc 2 , but we'll take it.
  • Miley wishes you a Merry Christmas
Oh, Miley. We're not sure why Miss Cyrus and sidekick Mandy Jiroux decided to make a video wishing the entire world a happy holiday, but we can safely say that they loooove attention. The three-minute video may leave you filled with Christmas cheer, but it will also likely leave you wondering, "Huh?"
  • Lance's boys can swim!
Lance Armstrong just confirmed that he and girlfriend Anna Hansen are expecting a baby in June. Since his three kids with his ex-wife, Luke, Isabella and Grace, were conceived via IVF with sperm frozen prior to his chemotherapy, it was unlikely that he would be able to conceive naturally. He's certainly a champion!
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