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Parenting sites shafted by TIME

This morning, TIME revealed their list of The 50 Best Websites of 2008, an array of online destinations so intriguing that even the technologically challenged could be lured into hours spent roaming the two-dimensional world. Some (actually most) of them are so genius that it makes me utterly bummed not to have come up with such brilliant ideas myself. The websites are constantly being voted on by viewers, so places keep switching, though one of our favorite sites, someecards.com, is currently snagging the #3 spot (right after HypeBeast.com, which features limited-edition and rare fashion finds, and ProFootballTalk.com). Lookybook.com was also named one of the top 50, an awesome site that enables you to flip through a myriad of children's books before ordering them online.

Timeoutkids.com didn't make TIME's list, but more disconcertingly, neither did any other parenting site. I am wondering where the disconnect lies: Is it because a) not enough people are investing time in creating resources for families to make it a genre worth consideration or b) the resources are, in fact, out there but insufficiently recognized?

Honestly, I don't even bring this up because I happen to work with a parenting Website every day, but more so because I wondered why the gap exists at all. I thought about it for awhile, when a very possible answer struck me: Parents would most likely be the ones creating said websites, and those parents don't have time to create them because they're, uh, busy parenting! Ok, maybe this isn't the exact reason, but I think it could be a possible one. Or perhaps this is a niche that is hard to tackle because parenting is so subjective. Maybe there isn't a real answer, and a site for families will own the #1 spot come 2009. How awesome would that be?

Why do you think parenting sites didn't make the list? Tell us what you think!

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