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Parenting tips from Hulk Hogan?

Anxious, concerned, and in some cases, just plain overbearing parents everywhere can follow in the Hulk's ogre-sized footsteps and track teenage kids' every move without wearing binoculars or reading diaries. To really parent like Hogan, just install a GPS unit into your kid's car, like the retired professional wrestler did to his daughter, Brooke, on his reality show "Hogan Knows Best." An article in today's Tennessean reports that installing GPS systems into teenage drivers' cars isn't just a television antic for some parents. Such devices are now available from companies that cater to parents worried about driver safety for their teens. One insurance company, Safeco, allows parents to set limits on where kids can go, how fast they can drive to get there, and how late they can be out. And parents can subscribe to a program that calls them or sends them text messages and emails when the kid and the car break boundaries, speed limits, or curfews. Sounds a little like a robot nanny...or a house arrest bracelet.

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