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Park Slope parents are taking a beating---again

Is it just us, or are Park Slope parents really taking a beating these days? Hating on the Slope is nothing new. We ran an article about it in June of 2007, which the author then parlayed into a New York Times piece the following year. But for a while there the bashing seemed to subside. The blogosphere had bigger parental targets, like Octomom and Angelina Jolie...and then the 'hood's signature famly site, ParkSlopeParents.com, announced that it would be instituting an annual $25 membership fee beginning May 1st to cover its costs. Now residents are super ticked off and the blogs are picking up--and goofing--on their ire. Gothamist sums it up nicely (as opposed to Gawker, which snarks it up meanly): "Paying money for a service that you value and use on a daily basis? Absurd!" Certainly makes them look like a bunch of winey toddlers. Meanwhile on Broadway, the despicable characters at the heart of Yasmina Reza's new hit comedy God of Carnage--about two ostensibly civilized couples who meet to discuss a fight between their unseen children--proudly declare themselves Park Slope residents. Their bad behavior (beautifully executed by a star-studded cast that includes James Gandolfini and Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden) includes but is not limited to screaming, drinking, puking, flower stomping, cursing, incessant cell usage and protecting an evil pharmecutical company from a legit lawsuit. Not a good month for Slopers it seems.--Toni Cruthirds and Raven Snook

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