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Park Slope TV series

After failing miserably with this season's Cashmere Mafia, Sex and the City creator Darren Star (like so many city parents) is riding the mommy train out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn. And what better nabe to film a mom-com than Park Slope--home of the stroller mafia, philanthropic stripper drama and a dizzying array of toddlers? According to the New York Post, the show remains untitled and uncast, but will feature "a group of affluent characters who live in the upscale Brooklyn neighborhood." How original.

Following the SATC/CM formula, we can assume a group of possibly three, but more likely four, main characters. I'm guessing this time, one of them will be a stay-at-home, hipster dad,  a type-A Miranda Hobbes mom and a eco-loving couple who will eventually have marital problems (and extra-marital affairs with a nanny). Note to Darren: If you're reading and need some stereotype ideas, check out our parenting type feature!

While the SATC girls had the diner, the Park Slope brigade will meet at Union Hall, take their kids to afternoon concerts at Southpaw and all have memberships to Kidville.

If the show gets the go-ahead from NBC and Sony, it'll premiere sometime in the next year.

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