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Peeps on parade!

Octomom and the Peeptuplets Every year around Easter time, the Chicago Tribune sponsors the "Peeps on Parade" contest, and invites folks to submit Peep-centric dioramas using any theme they wish—as long as they include the colorful, sugar-coated marshmallow creatures. There are some great entries this year , though I think last year's still take the cake. Some are cute ("Peeps on the Bus"), some hilarious ( "Mr. Peepoff Behind Bars for Peepvestment Fraud"), some a nod to current pop culture ("Peep on Wire"), some touching (" A Flock of Peeps and a Miracle"). There were 90 submissions this year, and all of them are certainly worth a click through. Next year we should totally submit a "Peep Out NY Kids" one, with little peeps playing in Madison Square Park, hanging around the Empire State Building, riding the Staten Island Ferry, and noshing on some Magnolia cupcakes. Ah, we can dream, right? Happy Peepday!
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