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Pinocchio is being re-released on DVD today

image001 And our sister pub, Time Out New York , has got a great review of the two-disc set, which has been beautifully restored and comes with a bunch of fun extras. As TONY points out, Pinocchio is seriously dark. I know I saw the flick as a kid, but the details were hazy. Sure I recalled the image of boys sprouting donkey ears and Pinocchio being swallowed up by a whale, but I had forgotten how truly harrowing his journey to boyhood is (and you thought puberty was bad). I recently watched the film with my three and a half year old daughter, and I was surprised at how much it mesmerized. Unlike newer Disney films which, no matter how scary the stories get, seem to be heading toward a happy ending, there are points during Pinocchio when you really wonder whether it will work out for the mischievous wooden boy and his little cricket conscience. It's probably not giving anything away to say that yes, there is indeed a happy ending, but it's one that's well earned. It's clear that Pinocchio's adventures have changed him (and perhaps even scarred him a little) for the better.
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