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Pint-size Picasso debuts her first art show at age 10

marikaart_2 When I was about six-years-old, I firmly believed that I had watercolor skills that could rival Edward Hopper's and Paul Czanne's. Of course I thought that, the way my parents doted over my finished works. I was convinced that I belonged in Paris painting landscapes and renderings of La Seine--sporting a Merlot-colored beret, of course. Sadly, my career as an artiste ended around the ripe age of nine, when I realized that I was not destined for greatness. So you can imagine my envy when I heard 10-year-old Marika Thunder, daughter of Rita Ackerman , was premiering her first solo art show. Her exhibition at Half Gallery opened on Sunday, showcasing works of art influenced by "Japanese anime and the Twilight series." Yes, it's a bit pretentious that a gradeschooler is showing her art in a NYC gallery, but the commenters on this Times piece honestly sound like bitter whiners who are, franky, just jealous. My first instinct was to turn my nose up and utter a "pshhh" under my breath, too, but her pieces are significantly more sophisticated than art I've seen from other kids her age (read: my own). Maybe I'm being a softie, but c'mon, throw the girl a bone. After a few years of growth and experimentation, you just may see her art adorning your own walls. In the meantime, I'll just live vicariously through her, as a homage to the six-year-old artist who still lives in me somewhere.
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