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Potter fix

Dear readers, the time has come to be honest with yourselves. You have a problem. You sweat, you shake, you can't sleep, you get sick at the thought of what you're missing—just admit it: You're addicted to Harry Potter. Fortunately, I understand your pain and longing for what's to come...and so too do WAY too many others. While we wait in anguish for number 7 to be released, helplessly wondering what's to become of our dear Wiz kid, take a look at what some other fanatics are predicting for Harry at any one of the, oh, half dozen websites devoted to the cause (mugglenet.com, leakynews.com, HogwartsProgessor.com...to name a few). And then take a look at those of the Voldemort crop who have high plans to spoil the ending.

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