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Preschool "art director" makes waves

dragon_girl_flowers_oil_450 When Bill Zeman decided to spend his life creating art, he realized it would be a solitary profession. He was the one to decide when, where and how he created his art...until he became a dad. His little girl, dubbed the "tiny art director" on his giggle-inducing blog of the same name, chronicles her opinions on his artwork —and she's not shy about vetoing his subpar pieces. What happens is this: She makes a request, papa creates it, and then she tells him what he did wrong. Example: The assignment: I'm going to tell you what to draw. Draw a dragon sneaking up on a girl. She's picking flowers. The critique: Daddy, it's not supposed to be like that! He has dog legs! I'm so mad at you! I'm going to erase those legs! Daddy, why did you do those legs??? [ collapses in tears ] Job Status: Rejected Brilliant, right? Head over to the blog to read more banter between Zeman and his baby girl. Poignant and hilarious.
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