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Purchase a personalized book from Paper Hat Press

Looking for a creative holiday gift? Make the child in your life a personalized book. Plus: Save 30% with our offer.

If you can’t figure out what to get the tot who has it all, why not make them the star of a picture book? Paper Hat Press offers customizable stories that make kids the main character of an illustrated story. First, choose from a variety of books like Little Super, Little Sparkle and Little Star catered to your child’s age. Then, enter optional information (name, birthday, favorite food) and design a character (eye color, hair color, skin tone) to personalize the book. A preview tool allows you to see what the final character will look like before you make the purchase. When your tyke opens the stylized hardcover book, they’ll see themselves (or someone like them) on the pages, giving them instant inspiration for their own adventures. Plus, through December 31, we're offering 30% off the personalized books—a $40 book will only cost you $28. Note: Orders needed for Christmas need to be made by Wednesday, December 12 since shipping can take up to two weeks.

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