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R.I.P.: Mattel's public image

If you didn’t catch the Mattel press conference this morning on CNN, here’s some more info...

The newest fiasco from the toy company comes in the form of yet another recall, this time of the Sarge character toy from the movie “Cars,” which brings the company’s recall numbers of lead-paint covered toys to nearly 1.5 million. The company has also added to its 2006 recall of magnet toys, increasing the number of defunct Mattel toys by 18.2 million. The new tally includes staples like Barbie, Batman and Polly Pocket. And did we mention that all of these recalls have occurred in less than a month? Yikes.

Sure, Mattel may be launching a huge ad-campaign to try and save its image as the trusted toy company (and we’re guessing they’re trying to rescue that image pretty soon, i.e, before the joyous holiday season of mass-spending), but are parents really going to forget the recent Mattel catastrophe that quickly?

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