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Read about how NYC families are riding out Hurricane Sandy

With the city in full storm lock down (and news that schools will be closed tomorrow as well), we asked local parents how they're keeping their kids entertained during Hurricane Sandy. Read through their responses and then, let us know in the comments section below what your family is doing. You may also want to check out our articles on the best films for families and the best books for kids—both great rainy day ideas. Most of all, though, stay safe.

"In addition to staying abreast of storm and evacuation alerts, speaking with family who are concerned about us and keeping all of our phones at full power, we're also playing Scrabble, finishing the books we're reading and cleaning out the fish tanks. We're also going to make a pumpkin pie and bring a piece to our elderly neighbor and let her know we're there for her."—Lee Magill, West Village, Time Out Kids associate editor

"We live in a huge building with lots of kids, so we're doing a rotating-apartment play date. The girls went to their friend's place for lunch and a Netflix movie, then they're all coming back here to decorate cupcakes. After that, they'll head to a third apartment to play with the pet hamsters. That way, the parents each get an hour or two of peace and quiet. With two days off from school, we're definitely going to need it!"—Marisa Cohen, Greenwich Village

"We went to our building's recycling room and got every box we could find. The kids are making Halloween decorations using paint and cardboard boxes."—Vicky Schattner, Upper East Side

"We're enjoying the forced 'slow down of life.' We've baked and cleaned, and the kids have done some art projects. They've also played with toys they haven't taken out in months! In a little while, we're going to sit down with some chocolate chip cookies and snuggle up to watch The Princess Bride. There's nothing like the classics on a stormy day."—Sabrina Tarbell, Staten Island

"I set up a crafts area in the hallway for all of the kids in our building. Later, they're all going to come over for a cupcake making session!"—Maria Farina, Dumbo, Time Out New York EVP/Group Publisher

"First, today was designated "Pajama Day" and Nathan ran around celebrating. Then, we made pancakes, watched a bit of television, wrote letters to friends down the street, read five books, played trains and raced cards. We also did a 48-piece Outer Space jigsaw puzzle! We just watched NY1, and Nathan recognized Red Hook and Battery Park and was amazed to see water lapping over the streets."—Clare Lambe, Brooklyn

"I made a doorway puppet theater out of felt for the kids to play with! The girls had a puppet show in the theater, had lunch at a neighbor's house and post-naps, we'll be baking an apple crumb (because it's easy!) "—Erin Woloshansky, Gramercy

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