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    Babies in the hood?

    When thinking about exposing your child to music for educational purposes, for most parents, hip-hop isn’t the initial genre that comes to mind.  Producer Prince Paul aims to crush any negative assumptions that parents may hold about hip-hop in his new project, “Baby Loves Hip-Hop”.  Paul cringes at the plethora of hokey attempts at wholesome rap. He is attempting to create hip-hop that teaches children the basics- colors, shapes, numbers, without sounding tacky.
    Several hip-hop artists who produce limited amounts of explicit material will collaborate with Paul on his CD. Guests include Charli 2na of Jurassic 5, Mecca Ladybug of Digable Planets, Wordsworth, spoken-word poet Ursula Rucker, and a possible appearance by De La Soul. This line-up certainly seems more legit than other attempts at children’s hip hop, which are frequently marked by one rapper performing in an overly-exaggerated (corny) voice to a monotonous beat in the background.
    Who knows? In a few years parents may be bringing their children to hip-hop concerts rather than sing-alongs!

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