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Review: The Little Mermaid

Parents, nannies, aunties and uncles, lend me your ears! (er, I mean, eyes). Whatever bashing and trashing you may have read about The Little Mermaid, Disney's latest foray on the Great White Way, I ask of you one thing: Don't believe ALL of the hating hype. Yes, The Little Mermaid opened two weeks ago and while there have been some rather loud Queen Bs who are quick to spread the buzz about the show's less-than-desirable aspects, we here at TONY Kids are only looking out for your kid's best interests.


The Little Mermaid

On that note, here's the scoop. The show is a garish, glitter-encrusted two-hour event that has supersceded dramatic theater  to become more of a Disney Spectacular than a Broadway show. That said, your kids will love it. All of the music from the feature animated film on which the show is based, is present, accounted for and beautifully sung by a delightful cast, and the new songs are fun, catchy and toe-tapping ditties that younger ears will be quick to pick up.

Performances are lovely, especially that of Sara Boggess who plays Ariel—a character whose status amongst girls ages 5 to 12 is untouchable.  And while the Miami-retirement-home-pastel color scheme is a bit unfortunate, the set has its moments of "wow" as various pieces move about the stage and transform into spinning, shape-shifting sea plants. True, the musical overall does have a few particulars that aren't up to par (questionable costumes, plastic water), but in the end, its minor missteps are worth suffering through to see the inevitable smile on your kid's face.

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