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Rosie's Broadway Kids unveils its new home

Rosie O'Donnell is a very polarizing personality. Although I've always agreed with her politically and enjoyed her work at times, sometimes I just want her to give us a break (I sat next to her at The Color Purple years ago. During one of the big second act Gospel numbers, she threw up her arms and swayed back and forth as if she were in church, you know, just in case the audience hadn't noticed she was there. It's always all about her). That said, she has done many wonderful things, among them, founding Rosie's Broadway Kids, a nonprofit arts education program that brings theater teaching artists to needy kids in New York. This week, the organization unveiled its swanky new home, the Maravel Arts Center on West 45th Street. The building houses two dance studios, a music studio, library, dressing rooms and more. Rosie's been in the news a lot over the past few years. Her View feud, her reviled variety show (which I kind of liked!), her blog (which has been disbanded). I think I like Rosie best when she's just doing what she loves, which clearly is helping kids.

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