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Who said that surfing on Facebook was simply a way to procrastinate? Although many of us can admit to wasting countless hours searching for old friends and uploading photos (adults, admit it; you do it, too), 13-year-old David Robertson OF Mississauga, Canada, decided to log on and put the networking site to good use. For every person who joins his Santa Claus Fund Facebook group, he has pledged to donate $1 for children in poverty. About 120 people have joined so far, The Toronto Star, the fund's sponsor, reported.

“I have always loved Christmas, and getting gifts, and when I was old enough to realize that other people don't have Christmas like I do, I really wanted them to be able to enjoy Christmas like me,” Robertson told the Star.

To raise money, Robertson has done chores around the house, saved up his allowance and published print ads to gather donations. If an influx of people joins, he might have to set a cap, he said, because he can only donate as much as he can raise.

Have your kids conceived similar charity projects around the holidays, and how are they making them a reality? Tell us!

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