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Serra tonin'

In Peter Schjeldahl's art review in this week's New Yorker, I read the best description I've ever seen of Richard Serrra's colossal weathered steel sculptures, now on display at MoMA. (The 40-year retrospective runs until September 10.) Serra's sculptures are daunting to look at and even more difficult to write about. "He works at the physical scale of architecture," Schjeldahl writes, "and at the intellectual scale of art history as a whole." The conceptual complexity, elaborate creation process and sheer scale of these sculptures are apt to leave one speechless. Which is why Schjeldahl so wisely notes that "taking a childlike view may be the best way" to experience it: "Don't try to understand. Play." He's right. Bring your inner child to this exhibit, and an actual kid, perhaps your own, and you'll both be awestruck by what you see.

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