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Shaq's attack on obesity; our attack on exploiting kids

You've probably already heard of ABC's newest reality endeavor, Shaq's Big Challenge, which follows six obese youngsters as they try to get fit with the help of NBA basketball star, Shaquille O'Neal, and a team of physical trainers and nutritionists. Well, we've been seeing a lot of news about obese kids lately, but what worries us here is more than just obesity, it's exploitation. (We covered this same issue in May when CBS announced its fall 2007 kid reality show, Kid Nation.) It's one thing to embarrass already famous grown-ups who are trying to lose weight and boost their careers at the same time (VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, anyone?), but kids? Are we really going to put their struggles on national television for entertainment? These kids need real help, not a reality show.
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