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Smoking in the boys' room; fighting in gym class; beaten by a policeman?

null Teens will be teens, and some teens will be especially rowdy, but that fact apparently didn't stop police in Millersville, Maryland from taking extreme action against a group of high school students who began fighting over a stolen cell phone in the gymnasium at Meade High School. 11 students were handcuffed and arrested after the incident, but not before they were struck by police officers, thrown on the ground, and according to one student, beaten with a nightstick. There's even a video on MySpace that captures the ruckus, complete with a clear shot of several officers taking down a student who tries to punch them; instead, he is kneed in the stomach by one of the policemen and thrown on the floor. We expect there are going to be some extremely unhappy parents and a whole lot of apologies flying around.
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