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Snow White in the Big Apple

In case your latest attempt to catch Wicked on Broadway was met by three months of sold-out shows, you might want to check out an on-stage re-imagining of another classic fairy tale: Snow White. The musical, titled Ebony Black, did a three-show run at the South Street Seaport in May, and is now returning for three more shows as part of the otherwise adult-themed Bad Plays Festival (“Bad” indicates rebellious and off-the wall rather than low in quality).

The premise is as follows: Iceola, an upper-class Hamptons dweller, orders a daughter from the Home Shopping Network. She requests that her adopted child’s skin be white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. But to Iceola’s dismay,  the girl has hair white as snow, cheeks red as blood, and (the horror!) skin black as ebony.

Like Snow White, Ebony eventually escapes her evil stepmother and embarks on a musical journey—this time through the artsy East Village. Ebony too gets kissed by a handsome prince (in this version, the lead singer of a band), and in the end discovers her own one-of-a-kind beauty and self-worth.

We're big fans of the play's messages about tolerance and self-discovery. Plus, if you haven’t already introduced your kid to New York’s quirky, imaginative Off-and Off-Off Broadway scenes, there’s no better opportunity to do so.

Sat 15, 22, 29 at 3pm. The Players Theatre. 115 MacDougal St. between. Minetta Lane and W. 3rd St. (212-242-6036, nyartists.org). $7 for children/$10 for adults.

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