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The Disney-fication of Our Kitchen

I love Disney. I really do. And yet for years I’ve tried to avoid adding any characters to my daughter’s wardrobe or room decor. I’m fine with accumulating a vast collection of DVDs, but I don’t want to see Mickey, Simba, Ariel or Goofy taking over my house.
So I was shocked when I grabbed some grapes at my Lower East Side supermarket and noticed Tinker Bell staring back at me from the Disney Garden label.
Who knew Disney was now in the fresh-food biz? Apparently the consumers of California and Florida did, since they’ve been heartily scooping up products since the line was launched two years ago. Now Disney’s expanding to the rest of the country. Coming soon, says spokesperson Nidia Tatalovich, water, juice, milk and bread.
To be fair, I bought the grapes, and they were pretty good. Maybe they come from that hydroponic farm at Epcot. What Disney does, it does well. So I’m holding out hope for the Disney husbands—guys who’re all smiles and happy to help.

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