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The Grinch musical returns

Grinch aficionados, worry not. If the thought of going through your holiday season without seeing the furry green villain live on stage was simply unbearable, you can breathe easy again. Thanks to protests from the show’s producers, Supreme Court judge Helen E. Freedman granted them permission to reopen the seasonal musical, Playbill.com reported today.

While stage lights at most other Broadway venues remain dark, the producers argued that their contract with Local One should allow them to continue shows (because The Grinch offers more shows a week than other Broadway productions during its run, the musical’s contract was separately drafted).

Jujamcyn Theatres, who own The St. James Theatre where The Grinch plays, allegedly refused to reopen their space, but were ordered to do so after this morning’s court ruling.

Dull fights between grownups might not be of interest to your kid, but this piece of news is likely to delight the city’s youngest theater fans.

The show will continue its run this Friday at 11am.

What do you think? Are you happy to have this holiday tradition back in your planner? Or, are the producers not doing their fair share to respect the strike? Let us know.


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