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The Scariest Kids Movie Ever. Ever.

Think any G-rated movie is okay for your kids? Think again. In honor of Halloween, Time magazine put together a fun slide show of the top 25 horror movies of all time. Of course, the likes of The Exorcist, Alien and Jaws showed up, but one classic Disney film also made the list: Bambi

Bambi bad for kids?

Yes, I'll admit that Bambi might not be 100-percent kid-friendly (hello, Bambi's mom dies), but I'm not sure it packs the same nightmare-inducing punch as, say, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Still, to get the real deal on Bambi, we went to an expert. Keep reading to find out what Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health at NY Presbyterian Hospital, Greg Dillon, had to say.

"[It's] No surprise and very insightful that Time named Bambi among the top 25 horror films. What makes horror truly terrifying is not simply fear, which is objective (i.e, be afraid of a knife-wielding criminal), but anxiety—the object of which is unknown and less rational (i.e, What happened to my mother? Why won't she answer me?). Bambi's jarring juxtaposition of innocence (with which small children identify) and death (an anxiety-evoking unknown and a gateway into nightmares of abandonment) is one of the most effective devices the horror genre can employ.

That said, Bambi, while getting directly into the heads and hearts of toddlers and young children, risks an anxiogenic and rude awakening. Parents should be prepared to listen, reassure, comfort and inform their children, in order to reduce their anxiety at the shock."

Do you let your kids watch Bambi? If so how old were they when they first saw it? In general, do you think Disney movies tend to be too violent? Do you have nightmares about any movies you watched as a child?

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