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The seven most inappropriate toys for kids

imagesshave-20the-20baby-small And you thought Tickle Me Elmo was bad! The Huffington Post just dubbed these items the most cringe-worthy toys for kiddos; the list includes a pole-dancing doll (and no, it's not Miley ), a hirsute baby who can be shaved (private parts and all), a wacky breastfeeding doll we'd already wondered about , and the not-so-subtle plush STDs. I don't really understand the problem with the stiletto-wearing doll or the fake tattoo gun. Little girls walk around in play heels all the time, so why not a doll (yes, it's a baby doll, but still, what's the big deal?) And temptoos are part of kiddie culture these days. What's the harm in a fake tattoo gun? Better that than a fake handgun! Weigh in: Would you buy any of these things for your kid?
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