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twitter-hashclouds Okay parents, if you don't have a Twitter account yet, you need to get one immediately. For those unfamiliar, Twitter is, more or less, a 140-character blog that you update on a daily/hourly basis. It's blogging with a much shorter time commitment. You can follow friends, family, complete strangers, your favorite blogger, Joe the Plumber, the Times , even Time Out Kids --the list is endless. I know what you're thinking: "Huh? How is this fun? I don't get it." I know! I thought the same thing. And then as people started following me and I started following others, "tweets" became more meaningful and I realized it's a really fun (and easy) way to stay updated on the things and people you care about. It's getting big and you need to get on board! If my feeble attempts at a pitch haven't sold you, these tweets might. They are from parents all over the country and will make you LOL. Read, laugh, commiserate, then get on Twitter--STAT.
  • "Look, son, I get that you'd rather play video games than spend time together, but did you have to say you're just not that into me?" --hoosiergirl
  • "Our doctor recommended not to have sex for six weeks after birth and I recommended to find a new doctor." --thedayhascome
  • "5yo daughter, watching Guitar Hero: 'Why are those girls dancing in cages? Are they having timeouts?' " --giromide
  • "PARENTING TIP: Show them they're special. Chop up a hot dog in their mac and cheese." --CranberryPerson
  • "Really, executive who read a form to give the final approval for the name "Toot & Puddle" for a kid's show, then signed that form? Really?" --luckyshirt
  • "When I was your age I waited two weeks for my CDs to come by mail. So no, Daddy won't try and see why the internet connection seems slow." --leftbrainstupid
For more resources on the parent-Twitter circuit, check out TwitterDads , TwitterMoms and TwitterParents .
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