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Three Strikes, You're Out?

Baseball season is in full swing, especially for those Little-Leaguers who have found themselves in prestigious all-star teams across the country. Unfortunately, this means that the ball and bat version of stage moms and dads are coming out of hibernation for the season. Need some tips for how to deal with those parents who haven't seemed to grow out of that "Hey, batter, batter, batter..." heckling stage? Yeah, we thought so. Still, no matter how popular the very American sport is on home turf, the game doesn't seem to be translating well for the Chinese. According to the Associated Press , parents are too uninterested in the base-running sport to encourage kids to start playing, which is hurting China in the worldwide competition scene. Jim Lefebvre, the manager of China's Olympic baseball team and a former major league player and manager, said that part of the problem is how new the sport is in the country, and also that "China has no Little League, no high school, no college [baseball programs]." And we're guessing there are no obnoxious parents on the sidelines either.
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