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If you think you’re the only one stressing, think again. In our August issue, we wrote about kids who are so piled up with homework, that long division ends in tears. Today, the Washington Post published an article about kids with high blood pressure and how it often goes untreated. Of nearly 2 million kids suffering from Hypertension, only one quarter is aware and gets treatment.

It’s 3am, you have to get up in four hours, and your tot has a horrible, hacking cough that’s making both if you miserable. Cough syrup seems like the solution, but hold off; The FDA is urging parents to ask a doctor before giving young kids cough medicine. For kids under six, cough medicine can harmful; it increases heart rate and can raise blood pressure.

If your kid won’t touch anything green, take heart; it is not a reflection of your parenting skills. A study performed at University College London has found that “nearly 80% of children's tendency to avoid unfamiliar foods was inherited.” At six, you probably didn’t dig asparagus and string beans either. The study also says, however, that kids who were repeatedly offered the offending foods became familiar with them over time and eventually consented to taking a bite.


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