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You may know what a Judy array is, but your kid can sync your iPod, the computer, the TV, and the phone while you gape in amazement. These aren’t the only tech heights your kid can reach without you; an article feature on Information Week’s website reports that 23% of kids have had “an encounter” with a stranger on the Internet, while 7% reported that they met someone from the internet in person. And while 23% of the kids interviewed report doing things online that their parents wouldn’t approve of, 20% also said they wish their parents were more interested in going online.

Both corporations and powers know how powerful advertisements aimed at children can be, and a report published today in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle proves the point even further. In a study of 63 children ages 3 to 5 from Head Start centers in San Mateo County, Calif, the kids sampled carrots, milk and apple juice in McDonald’s packaging. They were then offered the same exact food in packaging bearing either no name or a brand name, which the kids said did not taste as good as the snacks bearing the golden arches. While the study participants were from low-income families, Dr. Tom Robinson, who authored the study, believes the results would be the same even with children from more affluent backgrounds.

A group of kids playing in a park on Chicago’s Southwest side were the victims of three polite robbers Wednesday night, when the thieves asked the kids–tweens and teens–to hand over their cell, cash, and other valuables. One thief evidently used the words “please cooperate,” while another, who has snatched the case thinking it contained valuables, immediately returned an insulin kit to one of the victims, a diabetic.


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