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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket According to the Arizona Republic , parents may need to have "The Talk" (you know, the sex chat that's embarrassing for both parties), a lot earlier than they had planned. Sexual harassment in schools is becoming a serious problem, and parents who think their child is too young to be involved need to think again. "One of the worst cases of sexual harassment one local expert dealt with involved a fourth-grader who bought a big dill pickle at a school fundraiser every Thursday, tucked it into the zipper of his pants and asked girls to touch it." Controversy has arisen over these cases as parents and educators strive to find the thinning line between child's play and actual harassment. For parents too busy to talk to their kids about computer usage, Fisher Price has introduced The Easy Link Internet Launch Pad. The plastic keypad/mouse is designed to provide "a safe Internet experience that locks kids into age-appropriate sites and won't let them click into files on the computer. Once online and safe, kids can't leave until you let them out." Sounds enticing! Canadian news site CTA reports that 81 percent of kids ages 6-12 receive a prescription for sleep medication that is not approved for children. The most commonly prescribed medicine seems to be a "drowsiness-promoting antihistamine or a sedative."
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