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Ever wonder how well New York is treating its under-age population? The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been studying the 50 states and ranking them in terms of children's wellbeing (economic info, education, dropout rates, health data, etc.) for the past 18 years, and this year is no exception. The 18th Annual 2007 KIDS COUNT Data Book is now available on the organization's web site, so parents can see how well kids are doing in states around the country. And FYI, Minnesota took the top honors at number 1, while New York comes in at the humble (and a little bit disappointing) number 18. Speaking of kids' wellbeing, parents of tiny tots should check out this product recall from Pottery Barn Kids. The baby, tots, and teen-friendly furniture retailer, along with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday that the stitching on the Matelesse Crib Bumpers can come loose, creating a dangerous sleep spot for your babe. No injuries have been reported, but parents should make sure kids can't entangle themselves in the stitching by returning the product for a refund. Apparently libraries aren't just for book lovers anymore. Kids who have more of a tendency to interact with a rousing game of alien-blasting shootouts on their PlayStations are now just as "at home" at some libraries as their book-reading counterparts. In fact, the Mount Prospect, Illinois library has already held one video game tournament and is now conducting a second round of gore-filled fun for kids and teens. These video-game tournaments are an ingenious ploy to attract kids to the library and hopefully keep them coming back for books in the future. The only problem? The game of choice for the gaming fest is Halo 2, a shooting, blood, gore, and gun-filled game that is rated "M" for mature, and marketed for audiences of 17 years and older; the participants at the library's game-days are reported to be as young as 12.

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