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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The FDA issued a recall Thursday on Veggie Booty, after discovering that it may carry Salmonella. More than 50 people across 17 states have become sick from eating the booger-green snack puffs, which are made with kale, spinach, and other vegetables. The FDA reports that nearly all cases thus far occurred in children under 10, most of whom were toddlers. Johnny Vulkan is first in line at the Apple store in Soho today, where he has no doubt been waiting for many, many sweaty hours, to grab the iPhone as it makes its debut. But Vulkan, who flew in from London for this special occasion, is no money-throwing suit; he's waiting in line to keep a child alive. Mr. Vulkan plans to sell the phone on eBay and donate the money to Keep a Child Alive, a charity that aims to bring anti-retroviral drugs to African kids with AIDS. In short, the man is a saint. Modeled after conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs that have begun in developing countries, Mayor Bloomberg announced this week that he hopes to launch the country's first such CCT, calling it Opportunity NYC . The pilot-program is family-focused and offers financial incentives, for school attendance for elementary ($25-50 a month, $25 for attending parent-teacher conferences; and $50 for obtaining a library card. Improved or high test scores can mean even more greenbacks. Opportunity NYC will be paid for by a number of foundations as well as Mayor Mike himself.
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