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Toy Fair 2009 recap

115_d If you don't know what Toy Fair is, let me explain: Thousands of companies and vendors showcase their coolest new products so we media types can get a sneak peek. The event is not open to the public, unfortunately (or fortunately, as it would be even more of a madhouse than it already is), but I'm happy to share some scoop. Today was my first Toy Fair experience, and it was overwhelming to say the least. I noticed that a lot of "green" companies were showing this year, which I suspect is a new trend. I Heart My Planet toys created dolls made from organic cotton fabrics, while a new line from ImagiPLAY incorporates lead-free paint and eco-friendly wood into its products. Other highlights included Grease dolls from Madame Alexander (which, being a die-hard John Travolta fan, I could not resist), and Crayola's Window Crayons (I can imagine myself leaving notes for my roommates on our bathroom mirror with these). p91405b2 The surprises were endless, and I suspect your kids won't be disappointed when they browse the Toys 'R' Us aisles this year. Check out the upcoming shopping section of Time Out Kids for the best gear and goodies for your little one in 2009.
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