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Tribeca Film Festival: Gotta Dance

By the time you’re 20 minutes into Gotta Dance, you’ve easily forgotten that you’re watching a group of senior citizens (rather than twentysomethings) cutting loose on the dance floor. The documentary, from filmmaker Dori Berinstein, tells the inspiring tale of the New Jersey NETSationals, the first-ever senior citizen hip-hop dance team. Meet Betty, a 64-year-old kindergarten teacher; Marge, an 83-year-old grandmother and former competitive ice-skater (her granddaughter Marla is a Nets Dancer and the team’s coach); and Joe, 60, the only male member.

Older kids and tweens will enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes footage as the group becomes an overnight success—they make appearances on the Today show and get spoofed on Saturday Night Live—and cheer for them as they perform for the first time on the court at Continental Airlines Arena. While the film does have a Bring It On–type feel, keep in mind that it is a documentary: Some younger audience members may have a hard time getting through it.

Gotta Dance is showing Sat 3 at 12:30 and 6pm. Get theater information and book your tickets here.

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