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Tribeca Film Festival: Terra

As part of Time Out New York's comprehensive Tribeca Film Festival coverage, the Time Out Kids staff is reviewing the movies most appropriate for families. First up: the sci-fi drama Terra.

Terra shows us a world filled with lush landscapes, tadpolish inhabitants that float and fly around, and only a handful of humans fearing for the future of mankind. The movie’s backstory is that generations ago, humans exhausted Earth’s resources and began colonizing other planets. Those planets wanted independence, and a cosmic civil war occurred—leaving humans to live on a round metal structure in the middle of another galaxy.
Eventually, humans find Terra and plan on oxygenizing the helium planet (which will destroy its peaceful residents) and making it the new home for the human race. One of the tadpole-like inhabitants, Mala (Evan Rachel Wood), saves Lt. Stanton (Luke Wilson) after an attack on Terra, and the pair work together to help save each other’s universe.
This animated, tolerance-themed flick may be aesthetically pleasing for little eyes that are used to the wonders of Pixar, but the story is likely to fly over their heads and bore parents who have seen this plot a thousand times before. For all its beauty and uniqueness—turning us into the foreign aliens—the film loses its kid appeal in its quest to make statements on organized religion and show the problems of war. We recommend it for ages 7 and up.

Terra is showing Sat 3 at 1:30pm. Get theater information and book your tickets here.

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