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Update: TONY Kids tests out Wii Fit

wii fitAs mentioned below, Nintendo is letting kids—and any and all adults who feel OK making adorable children wait—test Wii Fit, their brand new, super-hyped exercise system. I stopped by this morning to check out the fun, and I'd say it's well worth an after school trip. The players weren't exactly breaking a sweat, but they were enjoying typically detested gym class activities, like lunges and head-butting a soccer ball (good news: it doesn't hurt when the soccer ball is virtual!). Nintendo is also giving away sealed cups of water, free t-shirts and socks.

And if all the fun makes your child covetous of his own system, check back here tomorrow for my full review of the game. No, I'm not a kid, but trust me: My athletic ability is equivalent (if not inferior) to your eight year old's.

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