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Want to Adopt? Don't Move to Arkansas

This news may be two weeks old, but it's still got me riled up! While most of us were celebrating the historic election of the most liberal President in U.S. history, some narrow-minded folks were taking away the rights of others. No, I’m not talking about Prop H8te. I’m talking about the oddly named Act 1, which bans unmarried folks in Arkansas from adopting children or serving as foster parents.

Act 1 was put on the ballot in an attempt to keep gays away from kids, which is heinous enough. But because of its far-reaching wording, the new law also bars straight singles (and straight couples who aren’t legally married) from becoming adoptive parents as well.

Disgusting. Oh, and November happens to be National Adoption Month.

As a single adoptive mother and, more important, a human being who cares about kids, I'm shocked to find out that there are grown-ups in this country who are so filled with hate that they’d prefer to let children suffer than see them placed with a loving gay family, single parent (straight or gay) or straight unmarried couple.

Let’s all take a moment to thank our higher power that we live in the great state of New York. (At moments like these I like to thank my ancestors for settling here when they got off the boat.) You want to be an adoptive parent in New York? The courts couldn’t care less if you’re gay, straight, bi, transgender, married, divorced or single. As long as you’re not a criminal and have the means to raise a child, you’re good to go. Let’s hope that Arkansas will reconsider this stupid and inhumane law. I’d like to see an Act 2.

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