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We all scream for (cheap!) ice cream

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I am ridiculously, um, frugal. Most New Yorkers are -- it's our innate thriftiness that has keeps us going in this expensive city. So, when Baskin Robbins offers their 31 tempting flavors for a quarter, a nickel and a penny from 5 PM to 10 PM tonight, let's just say I get excited (almost as excited as when a loathed contestant get voted off my favorite reality shows). There is cheering, incessant chatter and yes, occasionally, I get told to shut up and I am forced to get back to work. I imagine your kids, looking to ensure they score dessert tonight, will be just as giddy as I am at 31 for a frickin' ice cream cone. We also did you, our loyal inaugural blog readers, a huge favor -- we called a few stores to see where the offer is valid. (Some locations are not participating, though. Can't they find it in their hearts to reward us with close-to-free sweets?). Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Some participating Baskin Robbins in the five boroughs include: 395 Hudson St between Clarkson and W Houston Sts 212-229-2515 536 Avenue of the Americas between W 14th and W 15th Sts 212-727-0444 643 Manhattan Ave at Bedford Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 718-472-3745 578 Atlantic Ave at Fourth Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn 718-596-6029 Check with your local BR to find out if you can feast on inexpensive frozen dairy tonight. Here are a few places that we called to make sure that they were up to giving us cheap ice cream. We understand that some parents are concerned about the health and weight of your child, and we encourage such vigilance. Still, who can resist a bargain? Your family can go back to counting calories tomorrow.
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