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Welcome, little Mitik!

We all want to wish baby walrus Mitik—who arrived at the New York Aquarium from Alaska yesterday, October 11, after being rescued last July—a warm welcome to New York City and a speedy return to full health after the ordeal that led to his orphanage. When the New York Aquarium announced on Wednesday that it would be the recipient of one of two (unrelated) male walrus calves found abandonned in the waters off Barrow, Alaska, just a week apart, we didn't think he'd arrive on the East Coast so quickly. He and his adorable cohort, Pakak, spent the last couple of months being bottle-fed and medically treated at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska, until the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department decided where the two would be best cared for. (Pakak will take up residence at the Indianapolis Zoo and Aquarium.) We can't wait for him to join female walruses Nuka, 30 years of age, and Kulu, 17, in their habitat at the aquarium so NYC kids can greet the winsome walrus in person.

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