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Why are people so afraid of childbirth?

Our buddy Brett Singer, a proud papa who has written for Time Out Kids and contributes to Babble.com, pens his own parenting blog, Daddy Tips. He recently wrote an amusing post, rife with snarky observations, on the whole birthing process and its inherent gross factor. Below, he shares his take on the most momentous event in any parent's life. A recent viral video reminded me of something that I've been saying for a while now: What is it about birth that freaks people out so much?
Welcome to the world, kid

Welcome to the world, kid

I must be missing something. What's the big deal? It's just a baby. Sure, they look kinda slimy and blue when they first come out. But that stuff washes off. (I'm actually very glad that I was told about the blue part. Otherwise I might have thought that my wife had cheated on me with E.T. ) I'm not going to wax rhapsodic about "the miracle of childbirth" and all that other garbage. Yes, it's true. It's pretty amazing to watch, whether the mother is undergoing a C-section or squatting in a field somewhere. There was a baby inside of her, and then... there it is. A human life, in all of its blue, slimy glory. It's amazing, and also a little gross. It just seems to me like everyone is acting like a bunch of little kids. Except that metaphor doesn't really work. (Or is it a simile? I was out sick the day we learned the difference.) Why not? Because kids usually aren't as freaked out by this sort of stuff as we are. Ask a child about dissecting something on science class. Sure, some kids want to vomit at the merest mention of a scalpel. But most kids think its extremely cool to be cutting open an owl pellet and checking out what's inside. An actual person coming out of mommy? Eh. Call me when you've got something really gross to show me. To read the rest of this post (and get Brett's final opinion on this whole birthing business), visit daddytips.com.
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