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Why Sarah Palin will make a great grandma

Bristol Palin is about to give birth and I couldn't be more excited. It's not that I'm anti-abortion (actually, I'm pro-choice and a big advocate of birth control), but I am a fan of the way her family has handled her teenage pregnancy. Sarah and Todd may have given their 18-year-old a private talking to, but publicly, they've shown unwavering support for their daughter. Bristol's grandpa, Chuck Heath, talked to Deborah Hallman at Grandparents.com, and reiterated how happy the family is to welcome the little boy. Apparently, Bristol was sitting close by during the interview. While she wouldn't get on the phone--who can blame her?--she did joke that the baby's name would be Oscar. Every so often, I'll hear stories about pregnant teens who were thrown out of their houses because their families didn't approve. And then what happens? The kids turn to the streets, welfare, drugs and prostitution. We've all seen the young girls, sitting on the sidewalk with cardboard signs that say some version of "homeless, pregnant and hungry." It amazes me that in 2008, this kind of shunning continues. Granted, a pregnant teen can be interpreted as a blight on the family (negligent parenting, bad girl, etc.). But Sarah Palin's approach, to give a big fat finger to those who judged her daughter's pregnancy, is the best thing a mother can do. She didn't send Bristol off to live with distant relatives; she never made excuses. She merely said "it is what it is" and stood by her kid. Bristol's baby is due on Dec 20 and I wish her all the best. The baby is lucky to be born into such a loving family. Now, if we could only get Sarah to change her views on abortion for everyone else...

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