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Wishing for a peanut-free planet?

header_left My family recently found out that my four-year-old cousin is allergic to peanuts. This diagnosis could send anyone spiraling, thinking about all of the hazards associated with this allergy. However, my aunt--ever the Manhattan mom of simplicity--found a great resource called Peanut-Free Planet for ordering peanut-free (not to mention gluton-, soy-, egg-, wheat- and dairy-free) snacks and spreads. The site offers everything from granola bars to peanut butter alternatives, holiday chocolates, candy bars, baking supplies--even lunch and dinner options. The best part is that you can order all of it online and have it delivered to your door, taking away the stress of skulking around tiny NYC grocery stores, scouring every label for a possible peanut-y ingredient. My cousin can't get enough of the sunbutter bars , and even her non-allergic older sister loves them--proving that peanut-free can be delicious, too. Of course, if you read our January article on scoring yummy allergen-free treats , you knew that already.
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