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Worst time and place to deliver a baby in NYC: Penn Station during rush hour!

I had my daughter in a hospital, and while I had my issues with the place (no tub! Just a shower!), I've got to say, overall it was a pleasant experience. Sure the ride up to ward was so bumpy, I thought perhaps I'd crank out the kid in the livery cab, but I held out. No such luck for Marie Boothe, who gave birth in Penn Station during morning rush hour earlier this week with the help of NYPD officers. I bet that shocked commuters out of their morning stupor, giving them a jolt stronger than a double espresso. As a native New Yorker, I'm pretty jaded. Few sights surprise me, but I definitely would have raised my penciled-in eyebrows at that! The seven-pound baby boy made his debut under the departures sign (hey, it's probably cleaner than the station's bathroom), and onlookers apparently began suggesting the name "Penn" right away. Not one to disappoint, the new mom settled on Caesar Penn Boothe, a moniker dramatic enough to complement his arrival into the world. Congrats!

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