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You (and baby) are what you eat!

We realize we've been blogging about food a lot the last couple of days, but we have just one last thing to report before we stop making you hungry. Read on and control those cravings!

Are you pregnant? Then put down the Oreos. And that pint of ice cream. And maybe that jar of Nutella, too. A study in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that expectant mothers may pass along their cravings for bad (but-oh-so-good!) food to Junior while baby is still in the womb. In the study, pregnant rats were fed unhealthy foods, such as biscuits, potato chips and muffins and doughnuts. In turn, the fuzzy newborns shared a predisposition for junk foods after birth. But don’t feel too guilty about that Dunkin’ Donuts binge yet; not all researchers are convinced by the rodent-y evidence. In a BBC article yesterday, Dr. Atul Singham, from the Institute of Child Health in London, said that “at the moment there is no data in humans to support this, and obviously it is very difficult to carry out intervention studies such as these in pregnancies.” Just to be on the safe side, maybe you should just have one bag of Doritos at lunch today.

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