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Yum... City Bakery hot chocolate festival!

City Bakery hot chocolateWhile we're already suckers for City Bakery's delicious hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows, the brunch hot spot is now offering some cocoa variety throughout February. In what we consider a stroke of caloric genius, they're tempting our taste buds with a different flavor each day! Start the sipping off right with Banana Peel Hot Chocolate on Saturday or make things a bit more adult with Beer Hot Chocolate on Super Bowl Sunday (sure to compliment all fried finger foods).  Then, for Valentine’s Day don't miss theLove Potion Hot Chocolate blend. It sounds like a way more fun way to splurge than those sugar-filled candy hearts.

For a list of all flavors, visit hot-chocolate-festival.com. Or, do what we kinda want to do and stop in everyday. Just don't blame us for your kid's month-long sugar-high.

Plus, check out more of our favorite hot chocolate havens in NYC!

--Charlotte Cusumano

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