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My Neighbor Totoro
Photo: Courtesy of IFC Center My Neighbor Totoro

The best movie screenings in NYC this week

Each week, our seasoned film critics bring you the very best of New York City's alternative movie screenings and events

By Joshua Rothkopf and Time Out contributors

Every week, we round up the best movie events happening outside New York’s multiplexes, from major international film festivals (such as Sundance, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival) and revivals at Film Forum and BAM to one-off movie screenings and in-person Q&As with stars, filmmakers and experts. New York also has a thriving film scene in galleries and pop-up venues, and in the summer months, you’ll find a wealth of outdoor screenings in NYC parks and gardens across the city.

Movie screenings and events in NYC

1. Snowpiercer

Movies Action and adventure

Hollywood, take note: When it comes to postapocalyptic films, audiences are fine with a little bit of crazy—or a lot of it. This South Korean thriller by Bong Joon-ho (now getting Oscar buzz for Parasite) is set on a speeding train containing the last of humanity. The movie finds room for class warfare, bizarre humor and a snobby Thatcherite turn by the mighty Tilda Swinton.

Film at Lincoln Center, Upper West Side ( Sun 12 at 4pm, Tue 14 at 1pm; $15.

2. The Fall


Question: What do you get when a music-video director known for his visual extravagance decides to make his own version of The Princess Bride, complete with swimming elephants, Charles Darwin, copious hallucinations and way too much self-importance? Answer: this goofy, cup- runneth-over fairy tale that is the definition of indulgence. Still, if Tarsem’s name were Matthew Barney, he’d get a lot more love from the snob squad.

Alamo Drafthouse, Downtown Brooklyn ( Wed 15 at 9:30pm; $10.

In Fabric
In Fabric
Photo: Courtesy of A24

3. In Fabric

Movies Horror

No one is making movies like the British retro-stylist Peter Strickland, who cops the grammar of early-’70s exploitation cinema—all zooms and blurs and synth squiggles—and infuses it with modern-day pain. His fourth feature represents a continuing evolution: It’s the most sensitively acted and smartest film you’ll ever see that also includes sex with mannequins.

Alamo Drafthouse, Downtown Brooklyn ( Thu 9 at 9:30pm; $12.

Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread
Photograph: Focus Features

6. Phantom Thread

Movies Drama

Miss that Christmas Eve screening? Here's your chance to make it up. Deceptively hidden under layers of gorgeous surfaces, Paul Thomas Anderson’s borderline-sick romance waltzes toward a riveting tale of obsession. If this is Daniel Day-Lewis’s way of dropping the mic (purportedly, he’s retiring), then he’s picked a fine exit, bringing to life a fastidious fashion designer who, in 1950s London, falls for a lissome waitress (Vicky Krieps).

Metrograph, Lower East Side ( Thu 9 at 5:30pm, Fri 10 at 3:30pm; $15.


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