New York City beaches will likely be closed this summer

Just when we started dreaming of the ocean breeze!

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver
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We're all longing for the shimmering dog days of summer, when we can sit in the sand and drink a cold one as the waves crash in, but there's a real possibility that New York City beaches will be closed this year.

On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he couldn't see beaches opening "any time soon" during his daily press briefing.

"The notion of having lifeguards and people coming to the beach like normal, we don't have that in our sights yet. Just for everyone's sanity, lower expectations," he said. "Every one of us would love to have our summer or some part of our summer," he said. "But let's make sure we get it right."

De Blasio also announced on Thursday that NYC's outdoor pools would not open, a measure which will save the city $12 million.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that a source said the city's Parks Department was "given orders by OMB [the Office of Management and Budget] and City Hall to plan for scenarios including full and partial closures."

NYC Parks has begun to plan for a number of scenarios, but is "hopeful that there will be little to no impact on the coming season," according to Crystal Howard, a spokeswoman for the agency.

Ultimately, however, Governor Andrew Cuomo could overrule whatever decision de Blasio makes, which happened when he closed all NYC playgrounds after de Blasio closed just 10 and when he mandated that everyone must wear face masks in public on Wednesday.

NYC has 14 miles of public beaches, which are typically open from Memorial Day weekend through the second week in September.

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